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Last few hours to bid on Anthrax tour items!

Scott Ian of Anthrax has put up on auction a few of his treasured tour items and memorabilia for the 2012 Rock Gods and Metal Monsters Auction, check out some of the items here! http://backstageauctions.blogspot.com/2012/04/scott-ian-cleans-out-3-decades-of-heavy.html?m=1

Most notably are the yellow “not” shorts which have been featured in several videos and been performed in live a lot… Hope they’re washed and cleaned…

* 1987 famous yellow “Not” shorts
* Famous Adidas 1980s high top shoes
* 2011 New York stage worn shirt
* Scott Ian-owned and -signed Washburn Murder Weapon V guitar
* Scott Ian-owned and signed Snakeprint signature guitar
* Scott Ian tour used and signed Randall speaker cabinet
* Scott Ian tour used and signed Randall v2 amplifier
* Scott Ian-owned and -signed Black 13 distortion (used)
* Scott Ian-owned and signed Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell wah pedal
* 1989 “SATAN’S LOUNGE BAND” rare concert t-shirt
* 1986 personal European tour itinerary
* 1992 “Married With Children” signed script
* 1986-1989 vintage laminated tour passes
* S.O.D. 1985 Scott Ian-owned and worn “Speak English Or Die” t-shirt



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