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Three Men and a Little Lady………WOW!!!

The second edition to the two film box set is Three Men and a Little Lady. Good news, Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson return to light up our screens again.

Mary is now five years old and preparing for school and Peter, Jack, Michael, Sylvia and Mary are living in a house in New York that Peter designed. Their lives are happy and stable which is how they wanted them to be. Things go well until Peter begins to have feelings for Sylvia but he does not give into them. Things get really bad when Sylvia announces that she is engaged to marry Edward who is also English and that they will be moving to England to live , and that they will be bringing May with them.

Peter and Michael go to England for the wedding and see their little girl. Peter doesn’t trust Edward and so he sneaks into a boarding school to find proof that Edward is planning on sending Mary there without Sylvia’s knowledge or permission. He gets the proof and heads back to stop the wedding only his car breaks down. Jack, Michael and Mary are appointed to stall the wedding until Peter arrives.

In the early morning of the wedding, Peter gets picked up by Elspeth who is the head mistress of the boarding school. Edward had told Elspeth previous that Peter fancied her and she needs to be forward with him. In the car, Peter explains to her that it was all lies and why he had broken into the office in the school. With many things going wrong with the wedding such as the vicar being brought to wrong church and having Jack dress up as a vicar and the rings going missing, the wedding gets well and truly stalled. Peter and Elspeth finally get to the church and Peter tells Sylvia the truth and then confesses his feelings for her. She without much convincing confesses her love for him in return. Peter then proposes and they get married. The film ends on a comedic note when Mary throws the bouquet and Jack catches it.

This film is fantastic. It has comedy, romance and in a weird way, real life problems. The first film, Three Men and a Baby, was fantastic so I was surprised at how they managed to lead it into a brilliant second edition. It is full of fun and laughs and if you’re a weeper, you might just do it at the end.


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