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Three Men and a Baby

This is one of two in a box set that is a film from my earliest memories, Three Men and a Baby. You can’t wrong with Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson. This is the first of two. The next edition is Three Men and a Little Lady.

Peter is an architect, Michael is a cartoonist and Jack is an actor. They are all room mates in New York. They live the lives of bachelors and love it to any end. Things change drastically for them one day after Peter’s birthday party. Jack is gone early the next morning to go out of country to shoot a film. Jack rings and leaves a voice mail saying that his friend has asked that a package be delivered there and then it will be picked up in a couple of days. After Peter gets back to the apartment after a run, he finds a bassinet with a baby in it. Himself and Michael read the note accompanying the baby. It reads that the baby is named Mary and that Jack is the father and she cannot cope with minding a baby at that time.

As a result the pair of them take on the responsibility of taking care of Mary. They truly struggle to cope with their bachelor lives, work and minding the baby.Just when they are at the end of their rope the day arrives when the ‘package’ is being picked up. Two men knock on the door and asking for the package and after taking Mary as the package Peter and Michael discover the two men are drug dealers and take Mary back.

They soon manage to get to grips the surrogate fatherhood. Through their journey we actually see them bonding and beginning to love Mary as their own. When Jack  finally arrives back in the middle of the night, Peter and Michael reveal that he has a daughter. They get their revenge on Jack by giving him all the responsibility and no advice when it comes to Mary. He quickly starts to love her, his daughter.

When they are all out for the day, the drug dealers who are looking for their drugs, break in and wreck the apartment. The three men come up with a plan to prove their innocence to the FBI and also to have the real drug dealers caught. They pull off the plan at one of Peter’s construction sites and prove all to the FBI.

Peter, Michael and Jack all work out how to mesh their love for Mary and their lives together to make everything work. Just when they have come accustom to their new lives, Mary’s mother Sylvia arrives and wants Mary back and take her to England. The men are not happy with this at all and so they go to the airport to get her back but they are too late. They go back to the apartment and Sylvia and Mary are waiting for them. They decide to raise Mary in New York together as a family.

I love this film. It always puts a smile on my face no matter what mood I’m in. With these three men starring in it with a gorgeous little baby, where on earth could it have ever gone wrong. 10 out of 10 with no hesitation at all.


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