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Fashion in Film: A Single Man (2009)

If the name Tom Ford doesn’t mean much to you, I’m pretty sure it will once you have seen his directorial debut in A Single Man. Ford is a renowned fashion designer who gained international recognition for his turnaround of the Gucci fashion house, and the creation of the Tom Ford label before directing this Oscar-nominated film.

Tom Ford wearing a suit from his own label.

Colin Firth and Julianne Moore star in this 1960’s set drama and are both superb. The film places much of its emphasis on the culture of the era. The production design is actually by the same team behind the American series Mad Men, which is set in the 60’s also. It was incredibly shot; it’s as impeccable as the director’s menswear collections. Everything about this movie screams style and beauty, and all that is required is that you sit back and enjoy it wash in front of your eyes. The fashion is perfect, almost to the point of it being too much. But it works so well in that it acts as a mask to hide the crumbling lives of the characters underneath it all.

Colin Firth plays George who becomes deeply depressed after the death of his partner.

Looking very smart! I love the thin black ties. Very popular in the 60's and even today.

Julianne Moore plays his best friend Charley.

Steady hand needed for this heavily-lined 60's eye.

Nicholas Hoult stars as one of his university students.

The use of colour, whether bright or dark, was amazing in that it showed how George was feeling or what he sees.

Ford would zoom in on small details that George would notice like the smoke leaving a lit cigarette.

Matthew Goode stars as his partner Jim

Tom, Colin and Julianne posing for a photoshoot all wearing the Tom Ford label.

I would encourage you all to go and check out this movie if you already haven’t, or better yet, just go watch it again! It really was for me, a very stylish and sumptuous film visually. Check out the trailer below which has absolutely no dialogue, for more amazing fashion moments.


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