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Sophie’s Choice, ditch the tights and grab the tan!

My pet HATE is girls strutting around in skin coloured tights. I just cannot bare it! Especially when I’m looking through photos on Facebook and you see a girl in a lovely outfit, looking great and then BAM! It looks like her legs are sweating from the sheen off her skin coloured tights. There is no excuse for it..

Get yourself a bottle of Sally Hansen tan for Christ’s sake! Skin coloured tights don’t make you feel warmer in Winter, they don’t make your legs look tanned, they make your knees look saggy and any guy that goes to feel your leg on a night out is going to run a mile.


If it’s a comfort thing, Sally Hansen tan has the same, if not better coverage than a pair of skin coloured tights. Ultimately, it is a pair of tights in a tin. Any scars, cellulite, discolouration of skin? One spray of Sally and they’re GONE! Sally will become your new best friend, so give it a try and PLEASE bin all your pairs of skin coloured tights. It’s for your own good.


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