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Princess To The Rescue

You are all wondering who I am talking about. Well Disney is celebrating all the princesses for the year and this month it is Mulan. I love her and could never get tired of that movie and especially the music in it. If you have not seen it then get to a shop and buy it!!

Mulan is a young Chinese girl who is not a traditional girl looking to impress the matchmaker or be poised but to have a voice and to use it. She begins off at a bad start for going to meet the matchmaker when she is late getting to town to get ready. She must go and make a good impression to bring her family honour. This ends badly when her lucky cricket causes chaos and there is no honour. The Huns, who are an army of men who set out to bring down the emperor and his empire. When the emperor hears of their approach he sends out an order for there to be one male from every family to serve in the army to defend China. Mulan decides to go in her father’s place so save her father as he is already old and has already served. She sneaks off in the middle of the night with her father’s suit, sword and horse. When her father prays to their ancestors to watch over Mulan. The ancestors order the Great Stone Dragon to go and get Mulan but Mushu, a small dragon who assists the ancestors, breaks it and goes instead.

Captain Chang, is the general’s son and is put in charge of training up the new recruits. They are all not exactly what you would call equipped for the army. Chang tries his best to train them up and it seems endless for him.Mushu helps disguise Mulan as a man. When Mulan becomes too much a nuisance, she is told to go home. She does not accept that and so she climbs to the top of pole which no one has been able to do. This gains the men’s respect and her place in the army as ‘Ping.’ Mushu writes a fake letter from the general saying that they recruits are needed at the front so that Mulan can go to the army and so that he will be made a guardian again.

They set out and find that the Huns have killed the general and all his men at a village in the hills. They proceed to protect the emperor at the imperial city. When Mushu and the lucky cricket set off a firework rocket and give away their position, the Huns charge at them. When there is only one rocket left, Chang orders that it be aimed at the leader of the Huns, Shan Yu. However, Mulan grabs it and runs to aim it at the mountain top and causes an avalanche which destroys all the Huns. Before the avalanche hits Shan Yu, he stabs Mulan. Chang rescues her and they both are saved by the troops. When the doctor attends to Mulan, he reveals to Chang that Mulan is a woman and not ‘Ping.’ Mulan is left in the mountains. The troops head to the city to give the sword of Shan Yu to the emperor and be hero’s. Mulan hears something and sees the Huns pop out of the snow and head towards to city to carry out what the set out to do. Mulan races to warn the troops but when she gets there they don’t believe her because she is a woman. The Huns capture the emperor and lock themselves in the palace. Mulan has a plan and the troops go to help her. Mulan ends up saving the emperor and everyone. As a thank you, the emperor gives Mulan his crest and also the sword of Shan Yu. She returns home and her father does not care for the gifts but just to have his daughter back. Chang, goes to return her helmet but it is just cover so that he can see Mulan again. They both have shown at the end of it that they have fallen in love with each other.

This film is one of the best Disney films ever. The music in it, you could literally just listen to all day. The story itself is amazing, it is not a damsel in distress, but instead a young girl going to war to save her father. It is s beautiful tale that you cannot help but love. I would recommend to all. I think even boys would like it for the fight scenes.


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