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Mulan 2. For Real

With a lot of films, the second one is never as good as the first or even good at all. In this case, the sequel to Mulan, Mulan 2, is really good. Mulan is back again for another great addition to Disney.

Mulan and Chang are engaged to be married after they fell in love in the first film. Mulan and Chang are now a duo in all aspects. Mushu is so happy that they have found love that they are getting married but is soon brought down from happiness when the ancestors tell him that he will no longer be a guardian when Mulan marries. Once Mulan joins another family, that family’s ancestors become her guardians. Mushu does not like this and so sets out to break up for his own reasons.

When China needs its best soldiers for a special mission, the emperor calls on them to help him. Their mission is to deliver the emperor’s three daughters across China to marry three princes to form an alliance. Mulan agrees to carry out this task but does not like it as she believes in marrying for love and not duty. They need more men for this mission and so bring in their friends from the troops before to help them. They set off on their journey. The princesses are finding it difficult to cope with the fact that they are going to give up their love and their life for their country and duty to the emperor. With the help of Mushu and spending time with the men, the princesses realise that they are making the wrong decision. Mulan and Chang begin to feel a drift between them thinking that they are just too different, unaware that is it Mushu’s meddling. One night, Chin-Po, Yao and Ling take the princesses to a local village to have some fun. The 6 discover that they have fallen in love with one another and so tell Mulan that they do not want to go through with the arranged marriages. Mulan is thrilled to hear this. Chang is far from happy and convinces them to go through with the weddings.

On the continuing journey, they go through bandit country. Mushu sees how upset Mulan is with her fights with Chang and so he confesses that everything that has happened is all his doing. When Mulan goes to talk to Chang about it, they are attacked by bandits and the princesses are kidnapped. They are soon rescued but Mulan and Chang are left dangling on a rope bridge. The rope won’t hold and so Chang, let’s go of Mulan and falls. Mulan tells the princesses that they should go and be with their true loves and she will sort out everything with the arranged marriages. She goes and takes the princesses place and goes to marry the prince to keep the alliance. Just when the wedding is about to start, Chang bursts in. Mulan is thrilled to see that he is still alive. The ruler demands that there be a wedding. Mushu then goes into the mouth of a statue of a dragon and says that he is the dragon of unity and tells the ruler that the marriage will not happen. Mulan goes on to marry Chang and when Mulan explains to Chang about Mushu, he combines the two family temples which means that Mushu gets to keeps his job. They all live happily ever after.

I was surprised at how good this film was. I was so happy that they got the original cast to return because it just would not have been the same. It is completely different from the first so I can understand how some people would not like it but it is still a very good film and would still recommend it to be bought on DVD.


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