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Lomas the love rat!

Oh will you boys never learn. It always amazes me that these celebs don’t seem to think anyone will find out about their infidelities. Wherever there is a z list celeb or footballer there is a host of girls waiting to get into your bed and sell the story later.

This time it’s ex-Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas, who shared a night and a kiss in his penthouse suite, with single mum of two Katie Moores.

She claims that he said he was single. Well he would, wouldn’t he!

He also failed to mention that He is engaged to Kym Marsh and  they have a one-year-old daughter, Polly.

It happened two days after Kym, 35, and Lomas, who played bad boy Warren Fox  in Hollyoaks, were pictured at Disneyland Paris as a seemingly happy family  with Polly, Kym’s daughter Emily, 14, and Lomas’ son Billy, six.

As if the whole ordeal wasn’t bad enough pictures were posted on Facebook, showing the actor lying on  the bed with his arm around  Katie.

Time to put out the trash once and for all Kym!


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