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Kym and Kanye, true love or publicity stunt?

It’s hard to know these days if any celeb relationship we read about in the mags are real. With so many of them having agents who decide who they should be “dating” just to get their mugs in the papers.

Yes Peter Andre I am talking about you. He seems to be pictured with his arm around a new woman every month. Then you have Alex Reid who is dating Chantelle of Big Brother fame. Basically all of Jordans exes are at it too. Apparently If your career is in the dumpster all you need to do is go out with her and your career is sure to take off!

The whole thing has turned me off reading the likes of Heat and OK!

So the latest rumours we’ve been hearing involve Kanye West and Kym Kardashian. So, Is it true or just another publicity stunt.

Well, OK! points out that Kardashian was at the Chicago premiere of West’s film, Runaway, and “he’s suddenly present at all the important events in Kim’s life (like her 30th birthday and the recent opening of her store, Dash, in NYC).”

So basically he is there every time she needs a bit of publicity.

The words “I ain’t sayin She’s a gold digger, but She aint messin with no broke bloke” come to  mind


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