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why so siri-ous? a differnt look at Siri.

Siri, the newest toy in the iPhone, and to be honest it’s one of the few reasons (besides the 8mp camera) that the iPhone 4s is different from the iPhone 4.

Apple purposely made Siri to be “sassy” so it’s not like you’re talking to a robot, even though in reality, you are.

Here’s a few examples of how Siri can react to certain questions

Apple have been praised for the invention of Siri, their bringing mankind forward into the future, you know the future where we have to do absolutely nothing for ourselves and technology will do it all for us. Like the humans in Wall-E, but in real life, and without Wall-E, sadly.

But what’s the point in using Siri for “serious” functions, pfft, if i had an iPhone 4s I’d want to be using siri exactly like these guys did:

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