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Titanic in 3D……….100 Years Later

They have finally brought Titanic out in 3D for us! I think when everyone heard about this coming out in 3D, everyone was in agreement that would be amazing. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet back on the big screen together bringing the tears to us all again.

The factual film is about the voyage of the famous ship the Titanic. In the 90’s a treasure hunter goes looking for a necklace, known as the Heart of the Ocean. When this hunt is shown on the news when they come across a drawing, an elderly woman named Rose rings to see if they found the necklace. She was a survivor of the Titanic. She goes on board the hunting ship to tell her story of what really happened with the Titanic.  In this romantic story, young Rose boards the ship with her fiance, Cal and mother, Ruth. From the outside, Rose seems to live the perfect life full of money and love, however, Rose’s family is completely broke and she is not having the perfect loving relationship that it seems.

Jack is a young man who has no money and no home or family and yet he is very content with life. He wins his boarding ticket in a game of poker. On a chilly night on the ship sailing towards America, Rose cannot take it anymore and stands off the back of the ship to try jump off. Jack sees her so distraught and helps her, she slips and he pulls her back on board. Cal gives Rose a necklace that is a huge diamond that is shaped like a heart. Cal invites Jack to dinner in first class for the evening to thank him for his helping Rose.

Before dinner, Jack and Rose spend time to get to know one another and Rose sees some of Jack’s drawings. At dinner, Jack realises that he doesn’t belong with that crowd but still enjoys Rose’s company. He writes her a note and invites her to the 3rd class party below deck. Cal has a spy and sends him to keep an eye on Rose when she does not go back to her room. Rose and Jack and realise their feelings for another and they end up in head over heels in love.

Jack confronts Rose about their feelings for each other and at first she denies it, but soon gives in to her heart and goes to Jack. The pair go back to Rose’s suite and Rose wants Jack to draw her as he did the girls in his drawings. While he gets his tools ready, he is soon surprised when Rose walks out naked wanting an out of character drawing. They are soon on the run from Cal’s spy and end up in the storage having a romantic time.All too soon, love and romance is brought to a halt when an iceberg appears with little time to do anything. The crew try stop the engines to make a drastic turn but when one propellor fails to come back on, they hit the iceberg and the ship begins to sink.

Cal finds the drawing of Rose and a note from Rose that suggests that she is leaving him. Rose suggests that they go and warn Cal and her mother about this disaster. Cal’s spy plants the necklace in Jack’s pocket which leads to his arrest. When people discover the ship is sinking there is panic. Rose leaves Cal and her mother at the life boats to go and save Jack. The pair struggle and run to get back to the surface of the ship. They meet many obstacles along the way including saving other passengers, getting out of handcuffs, being locked below deck and even being shot at by Cal. By the time the pair get back to the surface there are no more life boats and so they go to back of the ship to try to stay out of the water for as long as possible. Once the ship goes down, the pair get separated and Rose panics. Jack finds her and gets her on a wall panel. Jack cannot get on it or else it will capsize. They believe they just have to wait for the life boats to go back to save them. Hours go by in the freezing water and finally some boats go back to help the 1500 people in the water. Rose turns round to tell Jack but got no response from him. She discovers to her dismay that Jack died.

She is rescued from the water and along with just 5 others still alive. When a ship comes along at long last answering their previous distress call, Rose puts her hand in her pocket to find that the Heart of the Ocean is there. When Cal had given her his coat, he forgot he had put the necklace in there. When elderly Rose, in the 90’s, goes to the back of the hunter’s ship, she opens her hand to reveal she still has the necklace with her. She takes a deep breath and throws it in the ocean.

This film is one of the most beautiful, romantic and emotional films I have ever seen. The capture of the facts and love story pulled into one film is remarkable. The cast could not have been chosen any better. The 3D in this film was not as good as I thought that it would be. There were some scenes that should have been fantastic but was not as impressive as I thought it would be. However, the huge scenes with waves and the ship going down were phenomenal. You can’t help but be completely en wrapped with what is happening. This film was incredible when it came out and still getting the same response and rightly so. Go see it!!!



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