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The New KEN Diet.. is not Sophie’s choice, Would it be yours?

Imagine this, a diet that involves you being fed through a tube in your nose. The Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition (KEN) diet promises to help you lost up to 10% of your weight in 10 days, but come on.. Is it really worth it?


KEN dieters have a small tube inserted in their nose, which deposits a liquid containing a mixture of protein, fat and water into the stomach. “Patients” must carry the bag of liquid around with them and wear the tube 23 hours a day, the one hour break being allocated for showering. This is to be done for a minimum of 10 days.


The liquid solution being fed contains 800 calories and, after a few hours it triggers a process called ketosis, which begins to burn body fat due to a lack of carbs. It has been dubbed “the hunger free way of dieting” because cravings are kept at bay by the high protein intake.


Bad breath, lack of energy, constipation, and generally looking like you have a long term illness are among the side affects of this diet. It was originally created in order to treat obese patients, but now dieters are using it just to shed a few pounds..


Would you be willing to try it?




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