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The Many Hair Styles of Rihanna

I’m not her No1 fan when it comes to her music, but I take my (imaginary) hat off to Rihanna and her ever-evolving hair. She first popped onto the music scene in 2005 and has been turning heads with that hair of hers ever since. Starting out with long, straight brunette hair she has since experimented with blunt bobs, blonde quiffs and cherry-red curls, reinventing her look to match each new album she has released. Let’s take a look, shall we?

A young 17 year old, long brunette locks were her hairstyle of choice.

Stepping out at the MTV Movie Awards in 2006, donning tumbling curls with a gorgeous mahogany hue.

Turning up the volume with corkscrew curls.

Sparking the sleek long bob craze in 2007!

Her bob gets shorter and more blunt. With the fringe, it gives a nod to the 20's.

From bob to crop in 2008. Rihanna just can't have one hair style going for long!

Getting quiffy with it- I love this curly quiff.

So this is where Jedward got their inspiration from...

Red hot and she has shaved the sides and back. To me it looks very 90's?

In late 2010, she looked gorgeous with her cherry red curls. One of my favourite styles.

Rocking some serious maroon-coloured curls. I love it!

Very elegant braid and the cherry red has now changed to a tomato red.

Going back to her brunette roots in 2011, but we all know it wont be for long...

She hits the peroxide and goes blonde!

And she's back to black in April 2012. What next?

So there we have Rihanna’s memorable hair styles. What do you think she’ll try next?!


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