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The Lion King in 3D

I went to the premiere of this film so many of you have not seen it yet but you will. It is sensational in 3D. It is a film that we have all seen growing up but nothing like this. Even though I have seen this film only about 150 times and yet I still could not take my eyes off the screen and still cried at Mufassa’s death.

From watching it on the big screen in 3D you would think it was recently made specifically to be seen in 3D. There a few scenes where my heart jumped at things seeming as though they were coming out of the screen. The scene that I was most anxious to see and exceeded my expectations was the stampede scene in which Simba gets caught on a tree and his father comes to save him. When the wildabeasts are running through the gorge, they look they are going to run at you. It was highly impressive.

Even though I know the story line and when it ended I still found myself wanting more and wanting to watch the other two Lion King films.

I would highly recommend this film to adults and children that have seen it before. I would not recommend it to children under maybe the age of 3 because the scenes with the hyenas are quite dark and i found when I was at the viewing a lot of small children did get a fright.

I hope you all go see this film, cause i know you will love it. More soon………..


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