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Who would have thought that The Lion King could have a follow up. It is difficult to follow amazing but they followed it.

Simba is all grown up now and with the love of his life Nala. Simba is the king of Pride Rock as he was destined to do after his father, Mufassa. This film starts the same way the first one did. It begins with Rafici holding up a a cub to the whole kingdom as the king and queen follow from behind. The difference in the beginning is the cub. It is not Simba this time but his daughter, Kiara. Kiara is exactly like her dad when it comes to their personalities and behaviour.

Kiara cannot wait to go and explore the kingdom, but Simba is anxious about letting his cub out. He remembers the dangers he got himself into when he was small and fears that his daughter will following his paw prints. She convinces Simba to let her go, however Simba has her followed by his faithful friends Timon and Pumba. Kiara goes and gets caught in a fire that is deliberately set to trap her. Kiara escapes the fire and a crocodile infested river with the help of Kovu, who is Scar’s hand chosen successor. The fire was started by Kovu’s family so that they could trick Simba into going to save his daughter and then they could rule the kingdom instead.

Years later, Kiara goes out hunting for the first time. Simba still worries for his daughter’s safety so sends his spies, Timon and Pumba, again. While on the prowl, she comes across another hunter, it’s Kovu. Her childhood hero. She thinks that it is great to see her childhood friend again and wants to go and explore together. Only she does not know that Kovu has a hidden agenda. He has been raised and trained to go and kill Simba to follow out Scar’s plans.

Kovu begs for Simba to take him after declaring that he has left his mother’s pride and looks to join his. Simba accepts him into their pride but remains vigilant. Kovu and Kiara grow close which was not in Kovu’s plans so he is torn between his new love and his family. Once Kovu’s mother Zira learns that her son is not fulfilling his duty, she steps in and decides to take matters into her own paws. Simba sees the love that Kiara has for Kovu and takes him for a walk to talk about what Scar was really like. Out of nowhere, Zira and her pride emerge from the shadows and surround Simba. Simba thinks that Kovu was behind it. They attack Simba but Kovu jumps to his aid. Simba manages to escape and get back to his pride where he then sentences Kovu to banishment.

Sick of waiting, Zira leads her followers towards to Pride Rock to take down Simba and Simba and his lionesses are ready. The battle begins and just as the fight gets under way, Kiara and Kovu jump in between Simba and Zira to stop this battle. They show the two sides that there is no difference between the two, that they are all the equal. Zira’s followers see the truth and go to Simba’s side, however Zira does not listen to reason plunges at Simba. Kiara intervenes and Zira falls off the cliff. All the lions then go back to Pride Rock as one. Kovu is accepted back after seeing that he has good intensions. They all work together and (as clichay as this is) they all lived happily ever after.

This film is brilliant. I never thought that the Lion King could be made better but really has been. With great voices in this addition such as, Neve Campbell doing the voice of Kiara, Jason Marsden doing the voice of Kovu and Suzanne Pleshette doing the voice of Zira. 10 out of 10 for this film. This is a musical that even the boys will like.


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