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Stock photos, they don’t really make that much sense.

I’m on the internet a lot and read a considerable amount of useless information in articles that I forget about ten minutes later, but one thing I noticed today was how completely irrelevant stock photos are.

Honestly I’ve never seen a stock photo and thought “Wow look at how that photo relates to the article, it makes so much sense to me now”

For example I was reading a few articles about how people don’t like their jobs, how people do like their jobs,  people who don’t have jobs, and various other articles about every type of employment possible and in most of them there was always an image along the lines of this

“Oh my god! I love my job so much, excuse me while i jump in the air!!!”

“Sorry I was late boss, left my briefcase in the sky this morning”

“Oh no I’m late for work, lucky thing that  i can just walk over a city skyline!”

Now i know these images are weird but besides giant businessmen jumping and flying over city skylines, there’s one other type of stock photo that i just do not get, The fruit on your face photos, we’ve all seen them at least once.

Whenever i look up beauty blogs or skin care there’s always a photo of a woman with fruit on her face,Honestly i don’t know who finds fruit relaxing, but obviously these women do.

“I’m so stressed lately, I’m just going to take it easy, have a glass of wine, watch the x factor and then put a tonne of fruit on my face”

But seriously some of these women go overboard, now I get it that people like the occasional grape or cherry, but i don’t think many people like them all over their face!.

I have a theory that these photos may be aimed at fruit haters, trying to get them to eat fruit, eat healthy, go green, and all that jazz, so using some more wonderful stock photos lets document their reactions


How people feel before seeing the fruit photos


The sudden change of heart after seeing the photos of people relaxing with fruit

So what do you think, stock photos, do they really make that much sense? comment below and let me know!

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