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Steal a song, Steal a heart?

A few weeks ago a very bizarre event occurred, the preserved heart of Laurence O’Toole which is kept in an iron cage in Christchurch cathedral in Dublin’s city centre was stolen. Christchurch is full of valuable objects made of silver and gold, so why would someone choose to steal an eight-hundred year old preserved heart? That we will never know.

People are shocked over the robbery of the heart but many of these people have themselves at one time or another instigated a “robbery”, the word robbery is usually stereotypically associated with criminal activity such as fraud, embezzlement and larsony which is why the law abiding citizens of Ireland don’t consider that downloading music from file sharing websites is illegal.

Everyday millions of music listeners from around the world can log on to websites like Mediafire and The Pirate Bay and download an artists whole discography in mere minutes, it’s an offence in Ireland to download or distribute copyrighted material, so why are people shocked about the theft in Christchurch when they themselves are robbing from companies everyday with just the click of a mouse.

The actual number of illegal downloaders in any one  country is almost impossible to gauge, but a recent report by the MPAA (Movie Picture Artists Association) claims that pirates (illegal downloaders) are responsible for $5.5 billion in lost annual earnings among workers in the music and film industry and the loss of 141,030 jobs in the US alone.


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