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Ray William Johnson, youtubes first millionaire.

Ray william Johnson is currently one of the most subscribed to channels on YouTube, his video views combined total over 1.72 billion and he has over 5,426,280 subscribers!

On Johnson’s main channel, he provides comedic commentary on viral videos,  and with such a large level of popularity he has been able to have many celebrity guests on his equals three (=3) show, including,  Robin Williams,Gabriel Iglesias, Kal Penn,  Margaret Cho,  Bobby Lee,  T.J. Miller, Garfunkel and Oates,  John Cho, and Jason Biggs.

Johnson is a part of the YouTube partners programme which means adverts are broadcast before his videos an also on his channel, for these adverts Johnson is paid an income and putting in to account the amount of views Johnson receives it’s not surprising to find out that Ray william Johnson is YouTube’s first millionaire.

Johnson disregarded his YouTube partnership contract and told Jeremy Scott of REELseo that in the year from march 2010 to march 2011 his YouTube ad income surpassed a million dollars.

Johnson revenue is from the YouTube partners programme only as he has a strict policy to not do product placement or accept sponsorships.

YouTube would unfortunately not confirm Johnson income as YouTube  and their partners are contractually obliged to not disclose earnings from Google’s video-sharing property.


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