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Old Media V. New Media

Old media vs. New media is the modern day debate that is constantly being argued, but what exactly are old media and new media? Old media can fall under the categories of print journalism, television broadcasts and radio adverts, etc. and in my opinion new media falls under one large umbrella term and that is technology.

Technology is constantly being upgraded, every month countless amounts of gadgets, social networking sites and mobile phone apps are being thrown at us via a whole plethora of different technological platforms whether it’s Instagram, the smartphone photography app that’ll give your new age mobile phone photos a vintage feel or the latest news being updated as it happens on twitter or journalism blogs.

New media is simply overtaking old media, just as the saying goes “out with the old and in with the new”, the internet is little over two decades old yet it has become a major part in many peoples lives, I personally could not function without it, how am I suppose to do college work, go to library? I don’t think so! That’s what Google and Wikipedia are for.

More evidence to indicate that old media is inferior to new media is that old media links in new media as a tool for marketing and public representation, companies and businesses constantly mention there Facebook and twitter accounts in radio and television adverts to spread the word around about there business, it is said that word of mouth is one of the quickest forms of advertisement but I think a Facebook status or a tweet which can be shared again and again by other users in a matter of mere minutes may be a little quicker than relying on someone to hear or watch an advert and then tell their friends about it the next day.

With new media information is at the tip of your fingers, if your on a bus you can get the days headlines up in an instant for free, with old media you can wait for the hourly news bulletins on the radio or for the six o clock news on RTE or you can buy a newspaper, a newspaper which you can probably read online without paying for it.


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