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My Hero X 3

Next film I have for you guys is The Three Musketeers which came out in cinemas on the 12th of October. It stars the incredible Matthew MacFayden, Logan Lerman, Luke Evans and Ray Stevensen. It has an additional cast of well known actors such as Orlando Bloom and Milla Jovovich.

It is one of those films that has a lot of side stories to it without getting confusing. It is about this young boy who goes to Paris to become a musketeer to find that the musketeers have not been living up to their heroicness as they had previously done. In no tinme at all, the young D’Artagnon gets into trouble with the musleteers and the Cardinals guards.

As a side plot, the Cardinal is planning to take over the kingdom from the young royals and does this in a malicious way. He hires Milady to steal the Queens jewels and plants with Buckingham which he hopes will result in the Queen being executed and the King needing someone to take over him in his distraught hour. The Queen figures out this plan and her lady in waiting, who is also the love interest for D’Artagnon, goes and asks the musketeers to retrieve the jewels before the King finds out.

I won’t spoil the ending for you guys so if you want to find out what happens you have to go and see it!

It is available in 2D and 3D and would recommend it in both. The 3D version is quite good but could have been a bit better when it came to certain scenes you would expect to be ‘wow.’ One thing i was surprised at was the comedy in it, I was not expecting it to be as funny as it was and in a natural way. Overall, I would give this film 9 out of 10.

More coming soon……………


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