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This is a film that everyone has to see and everyone loves. You cannot help but laugh out loud throughout the entire film.

Daniel is a dad of three and an actor. He loves his children more than anything and takes his morals serious. He quits a job that he doesn’t agree with and brings his children home to throw his son a birthday party. When the party gets out of hand with farm animals and a complete mess, his wife, Miranda, is called home and tells Daniel that she wants a divorce. The children overhear this and things get put in motion. Daniel moves out his children aren’t happy.

When they go to court to sort out custody of their children, Miranda is granted temporary full custody due to Daniel not having a job or a house of his own at this point. He doesn’t take the news well as he has never been away from his children for more than a day since they were born. When Miranda comes by to pick up the kids at the end of one of Daniel’s days, she lets him see the advertisement that she is putting out for a housekeeper. He changes the number so that no one can apply for the job. Because of his experience in acting and is very talented with doing voices, he rings a couple of times to show how hard it is to find a normal housekeeper. He eventually rings and behaves completely normal and is asked for an interview.

To be the housekeeper without Miranda knowing that it is he ex husband, he must disguise himself as an English woman in her 60’s. He goes to his brother who is a make up artist and the transformation is remarkable. Daniel goes to the house and even convinces his own kids that he is a woman. Daniel gets the job and begins working as Mrs Doubtfire, the housekeeper. He manages to get the children’s grades up and for them to have a better appreciation for their mother and everything they have. Miranda begins to see an old flame of hers which does not go down well with Daniel so he tries to sabotage things between them.

Daniel also had to have another job for the judge so he got a job at a studio lot. He thought her would be introducing the films on air but it turned out he was to pack and ship them. One day when he thought that he was alone, he went into one of the studios and was pretending to host a tv show. His boss seen the whole thing and loved it so wanted to give him his own show.His two eldest children end up discover that their housekeeper is actually their dad. They promise to keep it a secret so that they can see their dad everyday.

For Miranda’s birthday, her boyfriend Stu takes her and the children and even Mrs Doubtfire out for dinner at the same time that Daniel is supposed to meet with his boss to discuss his show. Daniel tries to go from one table to the next but when Stu chokes after Daniel tried to give him an allergic reaction and when Daniel tries to help him, his face mask comes off and his true identity is revealed. Daniel is told by the judge that he can have supervised visitations and that mental help should be made available to him. Miranda visits Daniel at his set to talk about their children and to say that they watch it everyday. When the kids go to the door to see their new babysitter, they are pleasantly surprised to see that it is their dad. Miranda and Daniel worked out a new plan for visitations which leaves everyone happy.

This film is full of fun and laughter. It is Robin Williams at his best. Robin Williams plays Mrs Doubtfire and does a phenomenal job. Sally Field plays the role of Miranda. No question at all it is amazing and deserves 10 out of 10.


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