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21 Jump Street………Film?

21 Jump Street began as a television series in 1987 until 1991 starring Johnny Depp. The series was about youthful looking cops going under cover into schools and colleges to investigate the goings on. The series was a success and made ‘jump’ start to Johnny’s career, (no pun intended). It was released in cinema as a film earlier this month starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Get this, Hill himself and Michael Bacall wrote the film.

Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko went to the same high school, however Schmidt was a nerd and Jenko was a jock. The two are reunited in police academy and begin to help each other. Schmidt needs help in the physical training part and Jenko needs help with he books. The pair end up becoming friends and graduate as partners, unfortunately they get assigned park duty. They see a drug deal going on and then they manage to arrest the dealer. However, the police have no choice but to release him as Jenko forgot to read him his Miranda Rights. Due to this huge mistake, the pair are assigned to 21 Jump Street where they meet Captain Dickson who tells them that they will be under cover as brothers and high school students. They must live at Schmidt’s parents house. They must find the supplier of a new synthetic drug, to prevent this drug spreading to other schools.

Jenko, being popular in his old days at school, thought that he would go back to being popular and that Schmidt would return to being a nerd. However, after Jenko has an altercation with the popular kids, their roles are reversed. When they get called to the principles office their roles are literally reversed, when Jenko forgets his under cover identity and so they have to swap names and classes and everything. Eric is the coolest kid in school and they finds out that he is the dealer but not the supplier. Jenko and Schmidt go to Eric to get some of the drugs as evidence but Eric forces them to take it in front of him. They are unsuccessful at throwing it up after and so they go through the effects of the drug. They end up trying to hide it from their PE teacher and running track with hilarious consequences. Eric sees Schmidt at the track and takes a liking to him and so to fully gain Eric’s trust, Schmidt decides to throw a party at his house for everyone. Schmidt begins to have feelings for Molly who is Eric’s friend. Jenko fits in well with the nerds in his AP Chemistry class and discovers that they hack into people’s phones to listen to their phone calls. Jenko convinces them to do this with Eric’s phone at the party so that they might get a hint of who the supplier is.

Schmidt invites love interest Molly to the prom and begins to slag off Jenko and he over hears it with phone being hacked. A school, the pair end getting into a fight about this after following Eric doing a drug deal which resulted in them getting fired from 21 Jump Street. They decide to still go to prom as they know that it will break their case. They go and discover that the supplier is the PE teacher, Mr Walter’s. Just when they are about to confront him, they are interrupted with people coming to do a drug deal. When they pull their guns on them they are assisted by the help of under cover agents. (The agents are actually the original cops in the TV series). Schmidt and Jenko go after the guys when the under cover cops get shot. The Walter’s takes Molly as a hostage with Eric in the limo. When Jenko and Schmidt team up and put their differences aside, they mange to crash the get a way car and Walter’s goes to shoot Schmidt but Jenko jumps infront and takes the bullet. Schmidt in turn shoots Walter’s which takes off his penis. Schmidt and Molly share a  kiss after making amends. Jenko and Schmidt are hired back at Jump Street and given a new assignment as college students.


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