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What Time Is It, It’s Time For, The Breakfast Club

One of the best films made in the 80’s. I don’t know how someone could not like it.

Five teenagers are to sit in detention for the entire day of Saturday, each for different reasons. All of them are different personalities that are complete opposites. There is the jock, princess, criminal, basket-case and a brain. They are being supervised by Mr Vernon who hates children and his job and makes it clear to everyone that he does hate it. They all go there early in the morning and sit in the library.

They are given the challenge or writing a thousand word essay answering the question of who do they think they are. When Mr Vernon leaves to his office across the hall, Bender, the criminal, goes to the door and takes the screw out of it so that it will not stay open. After trying different scenarios to keep the door open, Vernon gives up and leaves them in the library alone. They begin taking it easy, ripping up books, chatting, stretching and even sleeping.

Throughout the day they learn about each other and that they really are not as different to each as they thought. Bender reveals why he is so angry at the world, his father is a very cruel man who has previously burned Bender with a cigar. The jock, Andrew, has a father who pushes and pushes him to be better and puts too much pressure on him. The princess, Claire, has parents that just use her to get back each other. They put her in the middle to get back at each other. The brain, Brian, has parents that constantly are at him to get straight A’s which is extra pressure on him as well as dealing with being a teenager. And then the basket case, Allison, has parents that ignore her and don’t see or listen to her.

They sneak out of the library for Bender to go and get drugs and when they try to get back before Vernon discovers they are missing, Vernon is already on his way to check up on them. To the group’s surprise, Bender goes to the gym to lead Vernon away so that the others can get back to the library undetected. Bender gets caught and is put in a closet on his own for the day and it is in the closet that Vernon threatens Bender which seems to really affect him.

Bender manages to get back to the library without detection. They all go and get high on Bender’s drugs and go wild in the library. They all sit together and reveal secrets to each other and it is at this point that tensions reach their boiling point. Claire shows her sensitive side and gives Allison a make over which results in Allison and Andrew sharing a moment. Bender returns to the closet at the end of the day and Claire goes to him. They also share a moment. When their detention is over they all leave the building together and Claire and Bender share a kiss as does Andrew and Allison. Brian write the paper for the whole group but keeps it short and sweet. He signs it from The Breakfast Club.

This film is one of my all time favourite films ever. Being part of the Brat Pack, it had to br brilliant. Star studded cast with Judd Nelson playing Bender, Emilio Estevez playing Andrew, Anthony Michael Hall plays Brian, Molly Ringwald plays Claire and Ally Sheedy plays Allison. 10 out of 10 without question. If you have a sense of humour then you will love it.


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