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Fashion in Film: Drive (2011)

If you thought Ryan Gosling looked hot in a suit on the red carpet, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve watched Drive. Just wait till you see him power through LA in this ultra-stylish, ultra-violent movie. It may just be the coolest film of this year, in my opinion.

Gosling plays the nameless Driver

I think Gosling looks great playing the nameless, quiet hero and it’s thanks to Erin Benach, the costume designer on the film, and also on Ryan’s previous movies Blue Valentine and Half Nelson. According to Benach, after reading the script she knew that she needed something iconic:

something that people would never tire of watching throughout the film”. In an interview with Benach on GQ.com, she added that “Driver (Ryan Gosling) wasn’t going to be changing his clothing very much – it’s not one of those movies. The character is really more of a superhero than he is a person – although we wanted people to think he’s a real person so that they would feel attached to him“.

Just because I really enjoyed this film and loved Driver’s gear, below are pictures of all the statement pieces that together create his whole look.

The driving gloves

The satin jacket is my favourite

The scorpian detail on the back just makes it look so bloody cool. I like how it also parallels with the ruthless side of the Driver.

The sunglasses. He wears them so well.

The scruffy-looking Henly T-Shirt.

The low profile shaped boots are timeless literally. They're not era-specific at all.

This is vintage Levi denim at its finest.

Carey Mulligan stars as the Driver's neighbour Irene, and the two immediately connect when they first meet.

I think it's safe to say that Ryan makes regular or average-looking clothes look great!

I feel as though Drive will earn its place as a cult classic in the years to come. It just has that originality that doesn’t make its way out of Hollywood often. By all means it’s not for everyone; there is very little dialogue throughout. Instead it’s all about what is unspoken- what is felt. Ryan Gosling’s character is the best example of a man of very, very few words.


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