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What’s Your Favourite Colour in………..Pocahontas

One of the best princesses there could be. What makes it even better is that is based on true events. Nothing better than a happy ever after.

Pocahontas is the daughter of the Chief of a tribe of indians in Virgina. She is a free-spirited type of girl who loves to explore. One day she goes to Grandmother Willow who is a talking tree and tells her about a dream that she had about a spinning arrow and she doesn’t know what it means. She goes running after hearing something and sees that it is ships coming to their shores.

She goes back to her village and her father tells her that she is to marry Kocoum but she does not love him or want to marry him. Pocahontas being the wild one that she has always been goes to look at the settlers and she follows a man who is named John Smith. John has the same type of spirit as she does so they have an automatic connection. They begin to talk and learn more about each other. John reveals that they are there so they can dig up gold but Pocahontas says that there is nothing like that there.

They begin to sneak away from their people to see each other. Radcliffe is the man who brought John to Virgina along with the rest of the crew and is a very cruel man who cares for nothing and no one but himself. He refuses to accept that there is no gold there and is convinced that the indians are hiding it from him. Pocahontas and John meet to discuss how they can get their people to understand one another. Kocoum follows Pocahontas and John’s friend Thomas follows John. When Kocoum sees John kiss Pocahontas he loses it and attacks. Thomas panics and shoots Kocoum. It is then that John gets Thomas to run and then the indians capture John and sentence him for Kocoum being shot.

At dawn, The indians lead John to rock cliff to be killed by the Chief and Radcliffe and his men charge to the same point to retrieve their man. Pocahontas makes in time to put herself down in front of John to save him. She explains that she loves him and that hatred  brings nothing but war and pain. The Chief throws down his stick and accepts his daughters words. Radcliffe looks at this as an opportunity to attack but his men see that the indians are not there to fight. Radcliffe takes a gun and shoots at the Chief. John sees this and jumps in front of him and gets shot. The men grab Radcliffe and tie him up.

The men load up the ships to go back to England to put Radcliffe up for trial and to get John back for medical help. John asks Pocahontas to go with him back to England but she says that her place there with her people. And they lived happily ever after.

A truly beautiful and inspirational film. A must see for everyone, child and adult alike. Full of great music and great characters. 10 out of 10.


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