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Lana Del Rey does Kasabian

I always get shrill-fully excited every couple of weeks when I see a new BBC Radio1 Live Lounge cover on my You Tube subscriptions home page and the cover that was uploaded last week was no exception.

The artist featured on Live Lounge last week was American singer, Lana Del Rey. Lana choose Kasabians haunting ‘Goodbye Kiss’ as her cover of choice and revealed that she was inspired to do so after Kasabian played a version of her single ‘Video Games’ in the same setting back in December.

She told DJ Fearne Cotton why she’d decided to cover the Kasabian track, “I really loved it when they covered ‘Video Games’, I thought that was great. All of my boyfriends had loved Kasabian and I’d never listened to them. I started and I really like this song. I love this song and I love the melody, I love the way the boys sing it.”

Kasabians own Serge Pizzorno has given Lana Del Rey’s cover ‘Goodbye Kiss’ his seal of approval. The guitarist and songwriter told NME that he thinks the track sounds “fucking beautiful” and thanked the ‘Video Games’ singer for picking the track to cover.

He exclaimed,”I’m really proud. Obviously we covered one of hers, ‘Video Games’, so it was quite a sweet thing to do back. It’s a really nice gesture. It’s proper old school.”



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