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Who Doesn’t Love Goofy

Who doesn’t love Disney’s famous Goofy. He is one of the most comical characters ever created in my opinion. He is part of the Fab Five and he is definitely fab. I love that he was given his own movie.

Goofy’s son, Max, is a young teenager who is trying to get the girl of his dreams to notice him. Goofy feels that his son is growing further and further away from him so to fix things he decides to bring Max on a fishing trip to Lake Destiny just as his dad had done when he was a kid. To Max’s dismay, he is made go on this fishing trip after promising the girl of his dreams Roxanne, that he would take her on a date. He goes by Roxanne’s house before leaving town and tells her that he is actually going to Los Angeles to the Powerline concert and will be on stage with him.

Max and Goofy head out on their trip and it is already a disaster as Max makes it clear he doesn’t want to be there and Goofy tries to make it like it was when he was a child. Hr plays the same games and plays the same songs. The trip is not going how Goofy had planned so he takes Max to a opposum theme park where Max is humiliated. They go camping where Goofy shows Max how to do the perfect cast. They run into PJ, Max’s best friend and his dad Pete at the campsite. PJ tells Max that he should change the route of the map to LA, since he was made navigator for the trip he could trick Goofy into going to LA instead of Lake Destiny. Max does that and Goofy finds out.

On the continuation of their trip Max makes the final decision on what way to go and takes the turn to LA. Goofy is angry and they get out of the car and the car ends up rolling down a hill. They go run after it and end up floating down river. They come to waterfall and goofy falls down it but |Max saves him  by using the perfect cast and they go to safety. Max explains why he had done what he did and Goofy understands. He tells Max that he will get him to the concert and get him on stage so he won’t look like a liar to Roxanne.

They get to Los Angeles and they sneak into the concert. They both accidentally end up on stage with Powerline and doing the moves for the perfect cast which turns into a very popular dance. Roxanne and everyone at school sees Max on tv while watching the live performance of the concert. They get back home and Max goes and tells Roxanne the truth about his trip and they agree to go out on a date together. Goofy and Max gained a new and better relationship.

This film is very good and would be loved by all children. I wold give this film 8 out of 10.


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