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Monsters INC.!

Disney have taken film to a fun level with this one and I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t love monsters after watching this.

Mike and Sully are flat mates and best friends who work together in Monsters Incorporated. Their purpose in their job is to sneak into children’s rooms to frighten them. In their world, power is supplied by children’s screams. They have children’s closet doors and they go into them and frighten them while they sleep in their beds. All the employees compete against each other for getting the best screams and Sully has always been number one.

One day Sully sees a door on the floor after the day has ended and goes to check it out. He goes in the door and there is no one there and so he walks out. He soon discovers that a child has entered their world and he is immediately riddled with fear. Monsters believe that children are toxic to monsters. He hides behind objects and runs from the little girl. Sully discovers that she is cute little girl and doesn’t see how she can be toxic to him or others. He brings her back to his house and shows Mike. Mike reacts badly and wants nothing but to send her back through her door.

While thinking of a plan to get her back home without anyone finding out, they name her Boo. She begins to cause them trouble along the way but Sully cannot help but love her while Mike wants her to leave as soon as possible. After some clever thinking, they both manage to sneak Boo into Monsters Incorporated. When their boss, Mr Waternoose finds out what has been going on he says he will help them and retrieves a door. When the door arrives Sully sees that it is not Boo’s door and Mr Waternoose says that its theirs and pushes Mike and Sully through it. They are too late to get back through the door as it has been deactivated so they go to the nearest town to find a door to go through to get back to their world. Unfortunately, Mike and Sully have a fight and Sully heads back on his own. He gets back and finds Boo strapped to a chair by Randal who is going to use his new invention on how to get the most screams from children, but the catch is that they must kidnap children for it to work. Sully tries to rescue Boo but Randal begins to fight back and then Sully is soon saved by Mike. They grab Boo and run to get to her door. Sully and Mike gets separated while being chased by Mr Waternoose. Sully goes through the door and very quickly Mr Waternoose goes through the door after him. He knocks Sully across the room after confessing that he would kidnap a thousand children before he lets his company go down. When Mr Waternoose goes to grab Boo he sees that she is not there but is in fact a practice dummy that new monsters use to practice with. It turned out that Mike had gotten the Child Detection Agency in and they overheard the whole confession.

This had resulted in Mr Waternoose being arrested and Sully got to send Boo back home where she was safe. Unfortunately, Boo’s door was then destroyed so he could not visit her anymore. Sully and Mike took over the company and instead of scaring children, the monsters made them laugh which gave them even more power than before. Even after so many weeks had passed, Sully still missed Boo greatly. Mike brings Sully into a private room and surprises him with Boo’s door reformed. Sully opens the door and he hears Boo’s voice and he smiled.

This film is one of my favourites. It is still a film that i enjoy to this day along with many others. It is full of wit and humour that is not just for children but also for adults. I would give it 9 out of 10. It has the voice talents of John Goodman does the voice of the lovable Sully and the ever comical Billy Crystal does the voice of Mike.


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