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Six things i would change about iTunes.

Apple Is currently one of the biggest companies in the market, they sell a wide variety of products that are popular worldwide including the iPhone, iPod, IPod and their Mac computers, and their popularity shows with their revenue of over 108 Billion u.s. dollars.

iTunes has been around for about ten years and has increasingly become worse over time. What used to be a simple media player has become a crazy resource hog with more and more features constantly being added.

Here are six things I definitely don’t like about iTunes and wish that they would change.

1) User Interface

Apple is a company that cares about their user interfaces, just have a look at iOS and the brand new display of the retina display of the iPad2, it’s great and very consistent throughout but iTunes is the exception. It’s not very clean compared to other media players, Some of the sub-menus are a bit poorly done and the options have grown so much within the application that it’s just become a mess whi8ch makes it very difficult to try and navigate your way through the media player itself.

2) Syncing

Syncing on iTunes is still a huge pain, when you want to quickly just sync an App you plug in your device and it’s a grander task than it should be. It’s also disappointing that after buying an App on one device, such as the iPhone, then wanting to use it on the iPad, requires syncing the iPhone to put the App on iTunes, then syncing the iPad to iTunes to put the App onto the iPad. Wireless syncing can’t happen soon enough.

3) Updates.

It seems like every few days iTunes wants us to update something. These updates are not little tweaks and fixes here and there. We are installing a new version of iTunes and writing over the old one. We understand that it’s not always simple to write this software and ensure that it works for everybody, but these updates just keep getting bigger and bigger.

4) Downgrading.

Why would you want to downgrade, you ask? Well, aside from some of the users who were annoyed by the iTunes 10 interface, there are very good reasons.  You download and install the latest update and restart iTunes, but now each time you try to hit the play button it crashes. You Google “iTunes 8.2 crashes” or something to that effect and you find that a few people seem to be having the same problem. At least now you know it’s probably the software.

Now it’s time to try to downgrade. You have to find a file for the older version of the software, and now you can’t simply install it, because your computer tells you that you have a newer version of the software. You’re thinking, “So what? I want to install the other one; it actually worked!”

Now you have to go through a long process of moving and renaming folders and uninstalling and reinstalling again.

5) iTunes has become bloated

Over the years iTunes has had more and more features added to it, and each year the program seems to get bigger and more bloated. It’s a little slow when it comes to system resources (especially for Windows users). Itunes CPU usage is usually much higher then any other programmes usage on a computer

6) iTunes for Windows is Still Horrible

While iTunes for Mac is comparatively useable, iTunes for Windows has long been problematic. It’s not very efficient and tends to crash and get error messages a lot. Most Windows users can’t stand iTunes. The only problem is that they have to use it if they want an iPhone or other iOS device.

There is lots of room for improvement from the software, and we hope that it happens over time. It has a lot of issues that continues to leave users unhappy


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