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Facebook is watching you!

Did you ever get an annoying notification off Facebook when you logged in or have you ever logged in to twitter to find that the whole layout of the website has been changed and you don’t have a clue about what you’re doing?

If neither of these have ever happened to you, I’d be really surprised, social networks are CONSTANTLY changing, and unfortunately this affects us a lot of the time, or our less than technically capable parents might bare most of the brunt of it, maybe.

Now we’ll name and shame a few of the annoying things that social networks do:

1. Account doesn’t have enough “protection”

Who hasn’t gotten this before, your Facebook account could be the most secure profile ever with an impossible to guess password, a lack of information posted publicly, and no location saying where you live, but even with all that personal protection Facebook feel that your “protection” level is too low, so to *ahem* “Increase Protection” they ask for sensitive information, obviously to protect your account.

2. Tracking your every movement.

Whenever I log in to twitter or Facebook on my phone, the little GPS satellite pops up in my notifications bar informing me that, yes, it just logged my location and yes both Facebook and twitter now where i am now, which when you think about it is kind of creepy,  Mark Zuckerberg will know where you are at any given time your logged on, what a stalker.

and the most annoying thing about most social networks, mainly Facebook is:

3. The fact that it’s impossible to delete ANYTHING.

Sure you can delete that photo of you passed out in a bathtub, of course you can remove that friend from your friends list, they were never that nice in the first place, oh you want to delete your account? Oh, Sorry, Can’t let you do that.

Yes it’s true you can delete pretty much anything, but you can’t delete your account.

After Hotmail account are “deleted” your account and all the data contained within it are kept in the Hotmail servers for a total of nine months, you can reactivate at any time you want really.

Facebook only keep account data for two weeks after “deactivation” but if you log in at any time during those fourteen days, you are right back in there.

Facebook also make it impossible to delete pictures, sure on the surface they may seem like their gone forever but they can still seen if you really try.

Here’s an example, Upload a picture to Facebook and then copy the image’s URL (that’s the long address ending in .jpg). Now delete the image from your profile and paste the URL to your browser’s address bar. The picture will still be there. If you check back in a month, chances are it still won’t be gone.

If you want to have a little experience about Facebook security and privacy, take a look at: www.takethislollipop.com

Thanks for reading!

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