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The Solution to Smoking.

Electronic cigarettes, what are they you ask? they are an alternative to real cigarettes and they’re are much more beneficial for your health. they contain circuitry, a rechargeable battery, an atomizer and a mouthpiece, and all models operate in the same basic way. When inhaled, the air activates the atomizer to vaporize a small amount of liquid contained within the cartridge in the filter, which is in actuality a plastic mouthpiece.

The liquid can come in any flavour you desire from Coco-cola to pina colada and there’s also a variety of liquids that are the same flavour as a variety of tobacco brands like Marlboro or Golden Virginia.

E-cigarettes are just like real cigarettes, they can contain the exact amount of nicotine you have in a usual cigarette (e.g. depending on how you like it the nicotine levels can either be light, medium or strong) but that’s all that your inhaling with an E-cig, nicotine, you don’t inhale any other chemicals like you do with cigarettes, which doesn’t cause any damage to your body because all your smoking is Liquid vapour and nicotine.

The E-cig is also much cheaper than buying cigarettes for yourself everyday, all you need to do is buy the liquid and flavourings and an e-cig kit that comes with two batteries and a charger, so all you need to do is make sure your batteries are charged for the day. The liquid is very cheap to buy, usually costing less than the average packet of cigarettes (€8.65) and the e-cig kit prices can range from €30 and upwards depending on what you buy.


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