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The New Solution To Getting Disney Magic To You, FREE!!!!

If you like your Disney DVDs but just cannot afford to get all the ones that you want right now, then hold up! Have you heard of Disney Movie Rewards?

For a few months now Disney have been putting leaflets in their DVD boxes but no one is actually paying them any attention and so are unaware of them. This is a great reason to look at the leaflets in your DVDs from now on.

On these leaflets there is a ‘magic code.’ All you have to do is go onto the website, movierewards.uk and register with them. It takes 2 seconds so don’t be panicking. Once you register all you have to do is find all your Disney DVDs or Blu-Rays and get the ‘magic code’ inside and log that in. Each code is worth a number of points, some 100 or some even 200 points each. If you are a new member then you can also do a survey and receive an extra 50 points. You must decide what reward you would like to redeem then you build up your points. Once you have enough points logged in for that reward, you can then redeem/receive it.

If a DVD is not what you want then you can always get a computer game or bags or toys, there is plenty to choose from and everyone will find something that they would like to get, whether it be for themselves or a friend.

I was like the many out there that did not look at the leaflet but had a friend of mine tell me about it. Since finding out about this site and this incredible idea, i have already redeemed about 8 to 10 DVDs. I hope you are all going to go to  your DVD collection and get out your Disney DVDs and beginning your rewards.

Throw me a comment and let me know what reward you redeemed and what you thought about it.


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