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Kids and Technology.

Young children today are surrounded by technology, it is being incorporated into their everyday lives, Ipods, smartphones, tablet computers, 3D handheld game consoles, the list goes on and on, when i was young the best gadget to have was a gameboy colour!

The only reason i had a gameboy was to play pokemon, which has now been remade on the DS, but the DS remake just doesn’t have that classic feel so as you can imagine I’m a little dissapointed, so now my only resort is to play pokemon like this….Go pikachu, go.

Today I found two videos on YouTube that show just how much technology is involved in childrens lives, here’s the first one:

This video shows a one year old girl with two things, an ipad and a magazine, she uses the ipad with no problem but cannot get her head around the fact that the magazine does not move when touched.

This Baby is just one example of how technology is slowly but surely integrating itself into our lives.

and the second video:

This is one of the most heartbreaking videos I’ve seen, the video involves a soldier who has been deployed, and his young daughter.

Before he was deployed the father prerecorded some videos of himself reading bedtime stories for his 2-year old daughter.

The little girl seems overjoyed to see her father and even hugs the screen at the end, but can this 2-year old comprehend what’s really going on here?

This is where technology and real life can mix in very peculiar ways, sure it’s good to be able to read your favourite magazine online without physically buying it, or watching your favourite movie without the hassle of going to buy the DVD, but watching your father through a LCD screen for months? now that’s a completely different story.

So the question is do you think technology should play such a big part in children’s lives? Comment below and let me know!

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