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The Hunger Games, Does it live up to it?

The Hunger Games is now out in cinema. It came out on the 23rd of March after a and anticipated wait. After the books were a huge success, the film had a lot to live up to so i was interested see if they did.

The Hunger Games is a televised show where one boy and one girl from each of the twelve districts. They are chosen at random selection. They shall be ‘tributes’ and there is only one survivor. The Hunger Games began as punishment when there a rebellion with all the districts and which one was destroyed. It became popular for those that lived in The Capitol, who are rich and enjoy viewing others killing one another to survive.

Katniss’s sister is chosen and so to save her, she volunteers herself up as tribute. Katniss and Peeta Mellark are chosen from district 12. After loving goodbyes to her family and best friend Gale, Katniss and Peta are taken away from their district on a very impressive train to the Capitol where they will be dressed and trained as winners for the games. Their mentor, Haymitch, trains them how to impress the sponsors to help them win. When the games begin, all the districts are watching while all 24 tributes kill each other to win. Katniss runs to safety and soon finds out that Peta has joined forces with other tributes.

Katniss and Peta find themselves in a romantic situation and the audience are loving it. Due to this development, the hosts decide that the rules will change and there will be 2 winners instead of one, but only if they are from the same district. After a lot injuries and tears, it comes down to just Katniss and Peta. Just when they believe that it is over and they can go home, a surprise is announced that they are returning to the old rule of having just one winner. The pair decide not to live by their rules anymore and agree to eat poisonous berries at the same time so there will be no winner. The hosts rapidly change their minds when they realise this would have dire consequences and so Katniss and Peta winner The Hunger Games. Katniss reveals that they will forget everything that happened during the games, meaning their romantic time together. They return to their district champion.

This film is incredible in all aspects. The cast was very well-chosen and played their parts down to a tee. There was an incredible story line to it and i am fully confident that the next two films will be great additions to the first. Katniss is played by Jennifer Lawrence, Peta is played by Josh Hutcherson and Gale is played by Liam Hemsworth. Suzanne Collins is the person we need to thank for writing these amazing books and the phenomenon directing of Gary Ross who has done the heart warming film of Seabiscuit.



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