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Sophie’s Choice… @ The Theatre

From the geniuses at THISISPOPBABY:

After more than a 20 year absence, the musical is back wit a bang at the Abbey Theatre as we present an audacious and modern take on a classic tale. Featuring explosive tunes, razor sharp with, a message of hope and a while lot of fun – this is Alice in Funderland

In this curious musical, we follow Alice, our Corkonion heroin stumbling through the rabbit hole that is the streets of Dublin, where she finds what she thinks is true love, experiences living life on the edge, makes “life long” friends and meets some of the most strange and colourful characters you will ever see. All while feeling a bit upside down…

Alice travels on the 39 bus in a search for her “love” and a deeper meaning of her life. But the question is, will true love prevail before the Queen of Hartstown when she declares “OFF WITH HER HEAD”?

From the catchy show tunes, the impressively talented cast and the no-holding-back humour, to the tasty Alice in Funderland themed cocktails available at the bar for €6.. This one of a kind musical is a must see!

Running in the Abbey theatre 6 days a week until the 12th of May, suitable for ages 16 and up, with tickets ranging from €14 to €40 euro, click here to book your tickets now!


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