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Meme of the day- Lana Del Rey.

Today I’m going to talk about the wonderful hipster-tastic Lana Del Rey, the singer from New York is  one of the biggest artists on the scene at the moment with her debut album “Born To Die” gaining rave reviews from men with shaggy beards who wear flannel shirts, live with their mother and are probably to cool to go outside, because it’s to mainstream.

With all this new-found fame Del Rey has quickly been scrutinized, parodied and made into various memes by anyone with an internet connection and a tumblr account.

1-People with Lana Del Rey’s lips.

People with Lana Del Rey’s lips,  is a single topic blog, it was created in October 2011 posting picture of celebrities Photoshopped with Del Rey’s lips.

2. Parodies of Del Rey and her songs.

Lana Del Rey’s album has given people who wear thick rimmed glasses and shop in urban outfitters something to thrive on, new age music with that oh so retro vintage feel, like if instagram made an album.


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