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Katy Perrys confection of goodness.

2011 was a years of high and lows of singer song writer Katy Perry. Having broken records set by Michael Jackson, embarking on a worldwide tour to launching not one but two purrfect perfumes, and being in the midst of a divorce from British Comedian, Russel Brand, Ms. Perry really has her fingers in copious amounts of bubblegum pop confectioneries.

This week saw the release of Perry’s third album, Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection. Not to be confused with your average best of album, The Complete Confection is simply a reloaded version of 2010’s successful sophomore album, Teenage Dream, with three extra songs.

It’s clear from the get go that Perry is set to craft an alum that cements her staying power. Her doe eyed, potty mouthed persona leaves much to be desired. Whether or not you like this album it is like her past two albums, set to set the bar high as far as current pop goes.

In a popsphere ruled by Adele and Beyonce, Katy Perry’s slap- happy silliness is persuasive throughout the whole album. Anyone who bought Teenage Dream with be familiar with 13 out of the 16 songs. The three new songs seem to flow well with the theme of the album.

First of the three new singles ‘Part of Me’ although claimed to be written two and half years ago eerily depicts the singers foray into singledom from husband Russell Brand. With the single now number one in England and America this will become the eight number one single from Katy Perry, 5of which are from Teenage Dream. Second rumoured new single ‘Dressin Up’ has been leaked online for some time now and is laced in playful sexual innuendo. Third and final song ‘Wide Awake’ is a melancholy song which chronicles the feeling on a relationship gone stale. As Perry sings about “falling from cloud nine” and “hitting the concrete” her vulnerability in the song makes Wide Awake the highlight track form The Compete Confection.

All in all Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection is an album that you have you singing about unbeknownst to yourself for hours on end. The Complete Confection arguably ends the Teenage Dream era nicely for Katy Perry after a roller coaster past two years.



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