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Marilyn Manson in the Depp of things.

I wouldn’t class myself as a rawk chick at all but even I found myself shrilling to the heavy metal heavens on Wednesday night when news broke that Johnny Depp would be joining forces with Marilyn Manson for a rollicking performance at Revolver magazine’s Golden Gods Awards concert at Club Nokia in Los Angeles

Always one to shy away from the glare of the lime light Depp played it cool. He modestly kept his head low throughout the performance sporting a black cowboy hat with a feather which was pulled down and almost covered his face.  So much so, in fact, that it took a little while for the crowd to realize that the Hollywood superstar was in their midst as he was almost incognito.

After finishing the song ‘Sweet Dreams’, Manson  shouted to the crowd, “If you don’t recognize my personal friend, my personal saviour, my personal guitar hero . . . Johnny Depp!” The crowd were roarous with their approval.

Depp kept a dead pan face throughout the rest of the performance. He was engrossed in his playing, occasionally looking somewhat bemused at times. After playing through Mansons ‘The Beautiful People’, Depp then left the stage and Manson was joined by The Pretty Reckless singer, Taylor Momsen.

Watch a video of the two stars playing below!

Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp playing The Beautiful People



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