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Q & A: Super Hanz

With so many up and coming bands to choose from it can be hard to find one that really has something that sets them apart from others .

Meet Super Hanz, a four-piece ensemble who fit the bill. Stephen Fagan, David Pearson, Nicky Kilduff and Rory McLoughlin first came to know each other at secondary school in Clane, Co. Kildare as teenagers. With indie pop-rock influences, and stand-out vocals in Stephen, they recently completed their stomper debut EP Alpha that really shows their remarkable potential.  I recently sat down with the guys to chat about it all.

How did you first meet and start the band?

Nicky: It all started with Rory and me when we were in school. There was a competition going and we wanted to enter but we needed a singer because our one had left school. That’s when Stephen came along. We just did covers and parties. Then I left because they were mean. (laughs) Then I came back, and David joined and that’s when we began to make our own music.

You have been successful in a string of Battle of the Bands lately. Has that encouraged you more to take the next step and gain more recognition?

Stephen: Yeah it really did. We did win a few of them, which helped us a lot and we met other bands along the way who were great and would boost our confidence before we went on. Then Alwyn Walker came along to one of our gigs. He ended up liking what we had going and then offered to record the songs for us, which was pretty amazing.

How would you describe the songs on your recently completed EP Alpha?

Rory: Amazing! (jokes)

Nicky: I remember someone described them as driving in a convertible on a sunny day– kind of songs.

Stephen: I’ve been told by a few that it’s very ‘teenage angst’.

Nicky:  Yeah a lot of people think that about them. I think it is too but it’s the kind of teenage angst that happens when you’re 20 years old and you know you’ve got to mature and grow up.

It must have been pretty special having your songs recorded for the first time?

Rory: Oh yeah for sure. Just having them there is something, even if we didn’t put it out there.

Nicky: Yeah it’s cool. We had such a good time recording in the studio-we would be there for hours on end from about 9 in the morning until 10 at night.

Stephen: Yeah it was great. We’d do some recording and go out and get food.

Nicky: Because we still don’t know really what we’re doing it was great to have Alwyn there because he taught us a lot and knew what he was doing. Myself, Rory and David had been in the studio a few times, it was Stephen’s first time.

David: It was good in that we also figured out our sound too.

Talk us through the song-writing process.

Nicky: Stephen writes all the lyrics.

Stephen: I write them and run it by the lads and see what they think. Usually we’ll come up with the song and then I go and write the lyrics. It sounds a bit lame but they kind of just come out as we go along.

What was it that made you name the band Super Hanz?

Nicky: We get that question asked a lot! There was this show out called Peep Show with this crazy character in it called Super Hans who I loved. I ran it by the lads and they liked it too.

Any up and coming gigs?

Stephen: Well we’ve applied to play in a good few festivals coming up in the Summer. There’s one coming up called Independence in Cork  which we’d love to play at. Electric Picnic would be amazing…

Nicky: If anyone wants to put on a festival in their garden we’ll play at it! ( laughs)

Stephen: We did the IMRO Showcase tour last year in Kill which we’re going to try to do again this year.

Where can we get hold of your EP?

At the moment it can be downloaded off Sound Cloud at www.soundcloud.com/superhanzmusic



For more, see their facebook page www.facebook.com/Superhanzmusic


Words: Lyndsey Sweeney


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