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Forget the wand, back to old school hair stylinnn’


This is definitely Sophie’s Choice for this week! I have found a reunited love for my heated hair rollers! And now I can’t go anywhere without using them! By using these rollers, which is SO easy might I add, they instantly give the effect of an amazing curly blow dry! Who doesn’t like a curly blow dry!?

I can’t be the only person not impressed with the wand, can I? I just find it makes hair look like you’ve had plaits in the night before, not that you’ve curled it.. and with long hair it makes people look like mermaids. (Whatever you’re into I suppose!)

So I have come up with the perfect formula for a home made, UNREAL curly blowdry. (My hair dresser’s going to bait me for this)..

1. Wash your hair and blow dry hair as normal, trying to keep hair as smooth and frizz free. I don’t use any of them serums or whatever, but if you do, sure whack them in, why not!

2. To achieve the ultimate volume, put large velcro rollers on the top layer of your head! (These can be bought in Penneys at the moment for literally 3 euro!)

3. Then hold the hair dryer over the velcro rollers for a few minutes each to generate a bit of heat in them to create volume.

4. Whack in the heated rollers by taking large sections and rolling them upwards towards your head. I usually only use the large or medium sized rollers so I get big, loose curls!

5. Leave them in until the rollers have gone cold, usually takes like ten, fifteen minutes and then gently roll them out! Don’t be shocked if the curls seem a bit tight, they will fall in a few minutes!

6. Turn your head upside down and using your fingers shake the curls and spray them with all the hair spray! (Sorry ozone layer my hair is more important right now)

7. take out the velcro rollers and back comb each section then smooth the top layer and HEY PRESTO..


Annnnd just to prove I’m not making this up and it is actually do-able, Here’s one I did earlier 🙂


Sophia xx


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