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No more issues for The Saturdays Frankie.

Back track to six months ago when I was writing articles for my own blog, I came across a story about Frankie from the Saturdays being hospitalised. I Googled and Twitter stalked but to no avail, I couldn’t find out the details to her sudden uncanny departure. I soon gave up looking for answers and quickly turned my attention to Una Healys Pregnancy.

However I was a little shocked to find out that in May’s Glamour magazine the Saturdays singer has given a revealing interview in which she opens up on her secret battle with depression.

The 23 year old admits she has battled negative thoughts and panic attacks on and off since she was 15, but sadly things finally came to a head last October, leading to her being hospitalised.

She recollected the moment when it started unravelling last year, “One night, I got upset because Wayne hadn’t bought the right yoghurts. I managed to convince myself he didn’t know me at all. It set off this spiral of negative thinking – that if I disappeared, it wouldn’t matter to anyone. In fact, it would make everybody’s life easier. I felt that I was worthless, that I was ugly, that I didn’t deserve anything.”

When Frankie finally decided to seek help, she admits she was anxious her fellow patients would judge her. She told Glamour, ‘I was so nervous, because I was “Frankie from The Saturdays”. I didn’t know if people would be horrible to me and say: “You’re in a successful girl band, you’ve got this great boyfriend, he’s got loads of money. ‘But nobody judged me. Nobody thought I was weird.'”

Frankie now hopes that her honesty about her battle with depression will help and encourage others to go seek help. She states, “I did lose myself, but I feel like me again now. But I try not to put pressure on myself . It’s unrealistic, no one is 100 per cent happy all of the time.”



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