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Review: Swarovski ‘Aura’

Well it’s about time I found my favourite scent. Launched in March last year, Aura is the first fine fragrance from Jewellery designer Swarovski and I can tell  it wont be their last, especially if this one is anything to go by. They say a perfume should suit your personality and Aura suits me to the ground. It’s fresh, sweet but not over-powering and it lingers on the skin long after the first spritz. It has got to be the most long-lasting scent I have ever tried.

Swarovski’s description of the fragrance

“Crystal transforms into a luminescent perfume. A floral fruity incandescent fragrance, for a vibrant aura that glows with the energy of light. “


The bottle is very pretty and if you’re a lover of Swarovski crystals it has a genuine pure crystal cut into the exterior lid of the container. I like how the refill sits in this container and is secure. The lid clicks into place so you know the eventuality of spillage is nil. Overall I would give top marks for the packaging because I think it has it all; it’s eye-catching, secure and pretty lightweight.


I absolutely love the scent and there’s a few reasons why. It has a very unique sweet smell that doesn’t blow your mind. It’s girly but not in an obvious floral, over-the-top way. It lingers on the skin for hours on end. A little goes a long way.

I would encourage you to get a proper sample first because that is how I first came across it. Every time I got a whiff of it I loved it more so I was sold.


OK it is on the expensive side, so that is another reason why I would advise you to get a sample before you take the plunge. At Boots in Ireland,  a 50ml bottle comes in at €70 and a 30ml costs €53. I know it is pricey but I really think it is worth it when you consider how long it lasts and how little you need. With the added Swarovski crystal it must have been a factor in setting the price.


5 out of 5


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