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Spots and Breakouts: What they really mean.

Where you get your blemishes could be indicating a lot more than you think.  In Chinese medicine every part of the face is indicative of how well different organs of your body are doing. However if your breakouts are few and far between then hormones and stress may just be the culprit.

Curious? Read on . . .


The top part of the forehead is related to the bladder. The middle is digestion and the lower part in between your eyebrows is related to the liver.  After a good dose of heavy boozing you can be sure to find spots here! Overall, if you have blemishes across the forehead it is a sign that your body is finding it difficult to rid itself of toxins, be it the bladder, digestive system or liver.

Nose and Cheeks

According to Chinese medicine the cheeks and nose area are associated with the lungs, so if you are one who suffers from colds, flu and bouts of Asthma often you may notice some skin irregularities or blemishes here.

Remember though that if you have a problem with frequent redness or broken capillaries here it is Rosacea. This is very common in fair-skinned people and it can be heightened by alcohol,  a sudden rise in temperature and spicy foods.

The Mouth

If  your spots are small, red and lumpy, and usually found in the area around the mouth, then it could be perioral dermatitis.  See your doctor if you are concerned about this. Also one of the common symptoms of PCOS ( Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ) is acne and increased hair growth around the mouth and chin in particular. If you think you have it, get thee to your GP to sort it out.


The chin relates to hormones. So ladies, during your menstrual cycle spots usually appear on either side of your chin and your upper lip. Some over the counter skincare products may work but there are certain contraceptive pills that will eradicate the problem by regulating your hormones.


If you have outbreaks of spots on your neck or jawline then it could indicate that your adrenal glands are in overdrive and can be stress related. Spots on your jawline could also be a sign of a dental issue so contact your dentist if this persists. What many people don’t realise is the amount of bacteria on mobile phones. This can be transmitted to your jawline area and in turn cause horrible spots. The best thing you can do is clean your phone regularly with an antiseptic wipe.

        Chest and Back

If spots are a usual occurrence on your chest then genetics could be playing a big part in it, if other members suffer the same. There are many oil glands in the skin on your chest so make sure you cleanse with the right products often. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made here is if you clean and scrub the skin roughly. This can irritate the glands and the skin and cause further breakouts! Ah! Always cleanse gently and with products that are not harsh.

The same applies to your back. If you get spots on your shoulder it could be as a result of friction from a handbag strap.

Arms and Legs

Your skin is coarser on the arms and upper legs so you can get something called Keratosis Pilaris – which appears as small spots which give your skin a rough, goose- bumpy appearance. This is caused by an overproduction of dead cells at the hair follicle and poor circulation, but can also be a sign of how efficiently your body is using vitamins from your diet or of underlying asthma. The good news? It usually clears up as you get older.

In the meantime creams containing salicylic acid can be effective, along with having tepid showers and baths and using a good moisturiser.


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