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Attention Vintage Lovers: Modcloth.com

Modcloth.com quite possibly has the cutest and most extensive collection of indie, retro, mod, and vintage clothing, shoes, accessories that can be found online. These guys are based in America and have been around since 2002. I only stumbled upon them over a year ago myself and it has remained bookmarked on my computer since.

One of the great things about Modcloth is their ‘Connect with a Mod Stylist’ option that appears beside every clothing item you click on. It is there so that you can talk to a stylist via Live Chat about any of your style conundrums, further details about a particular piece of clothing, trend tips and the like. The stylists themselves are four lovely ladies who have experience and of course a passion for vintage and retro style. Basically, you’re in good hands here!

The prices are pretty reasonable, and more often then not any genuine vintage & retro clothing will set you back a few bob. However the price range at Modcloth is from between $3.99 and $700. You will be sure to find a piece that you will no doubt keep forever with the right care. I think the range of clothing, accessories and decor are amazing and would encourage any of you retro lovers or indeed those of you with a penchant for quirkiness to check it out for yourself. They ship internationally and accept returns if you are not happy with your item.

Indie chick Zooey Deschanel raves about Modcloth and admits to being an online shopping addict.

My name’s Zooey and I’m an online shopping addict. It’s such a problem! I mean, it’s a good problem, because I’m like, ‘Yay, new dresses!’   I like ModCloth – it’s the best. It’s kind of like ASOS, in that you have a ton of cute dresses and it’s not crazy expensive. I’d rather get lots of dresses than one really expensive one’.  [www.independent.ie]

If it’s good enough for Zooey . . .

Zooey wearing a dress from Modcloth on her new show New Girl.


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