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Olly Murs’ heart skips a beat for cheryl Cole.

A yes from Cheryl Cole may have had a major part in former x factor contestant Olly Murs’ flourishing TV and pop career three years ago but this time Mrs. Cole is a bit more reluctant to utter the three letter word.


Pop hunk Olly Murs attempted to take his platonic friendship with Cheryl Cole to the next level when he asked her out via his Twitter page. The naughty singer tweeted Cheryl, asking for her number after the pair coddled in short conversation on the micro blogging site.

Bless his little cotton socks, you can’t blame the man for trying!

Murs then boldly tweeted her: ‘Haha sod it @CherylCole I’ll ask for your number then #cantblameaguyfortrying #worthashot lol haha x’

Cheryl subsequently responded to Olly but refrained from giving him an answer, she just civilly said: ‘Sod it ill tweet you back lol… Hope your good babe xx’

Olly has never been taciturn to the fact that he finds Cole attractive. While he was a contestant on The X Factor he shamefully said that he wanted to ‘snog’ the Girls Aloud star under the mistletoe.  A year later in 2010 Murs said, “I’m not going to lie, she is unbelievable. She smells good, she looks good.  If I go back on The X Factor this year, I’m going to go straight to her dressing room!”.


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