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The Safety Fire- Album review

These guys popped up on my radar late last year and I’ve been waiting ever since for the full length album. The single, Huge Hammers, was so good that I bought the album basically ten minutes after its release. Contrary to how the name sounds these guys are a metal band and the write some cracking tunes. Grind The Ocean is a diverse, groove laden and memorable album that even while it can be strange at times will keep you listening and replaying it.

Ill start with my favorite part of Grind The Ocean, the vocals. They are simply amazing, they add a side to this album that compliments the music so well. Aggressive and clear moments are played off beautifully sung passages that can almost sound delicate. This blend of light and dark caps an album of amazing performances brilliantly. The guitar work is something else, progressive is the best description, I love it but the style is not for everyone. Its frantic and off time, to an untrained ear or new listener it can be a turn off but these moments are paired with melodic and catchy riffing and lead work that you’ll be humming the guitar parts for days. The big set pieces are also played off against slow acoustic or clean sections which divide up songs and the album as whole songs can be these passages.

And now the rhythm section… this is an album that’s driven by rhythm, feeling and groove so the bass and drums have a massive role to play in crafting the sound. This is a head bobber of an album and the drum work is so damn funky at times, he carries the groove riffs so well and makes them so much more. Watch the Huge Hammers video below for the best description anyone can give about the bass, just watch him, he is having more fun than I’ve probably ever had playing music!

This is a progressive master class, its big and epic at times and subdued and conservative the rest of the time and this is a great contrasting listen. I would wholly recommend this album just to experience a serious musical journey even just once, you wont regret it. Grind the Ocean is available now on iTunes and from the Century Media Webstore.


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