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Why facebook is annoying.

Facebook currently has over 845 million users, it is the second biggest website in the world right behind Google.

But why is it that one of the greatest advances ever in social networking is used to annoy the living hell out of all of us? the answer to that is complicated, and involves a bit too much research for my liking, but let’s go though a couple of  the irritating things that people do that always seem to pop-up in our timelines.


The English language is the most widely spoken language in the entire world, it is the main language of the European Union and is spoken as a first language in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and America.

So why do the younger generation of this day and age feel the need to write like this:

“H3yA BBZ, LuFF yHoo soooo MoOch, Ur de BeStesT, XOXOXOXO”

“Cant b-leve er, shez a dzope neways, di ye c de state of er in er new profiler, awh jaysuz, scarleh for er lyk”

“B3Bo StuNN@H 4 LYF ❤ ❤ ❤ XOXOXOX”

Kids, Just go back to bebo.

2. Television Updates

There’s nothing worse than logging on to Facebook and all you can see is status updates about football matches or the x-factor or the soaps, If you’re watching it on a prime time television network, the chances are A LOT of other people are going to be watching as well, so there is no need to write about everything that’s going on as it happens.

and even if you don’t write about it please do not make countless Facebook groups about it, like this, this, or this.

3.Adults on Facebook

Don’t get me wrong here, Facebook is a website for everyone to use, the young, the old and the not so young, but not so old but in a mid-life crisis.

But what really bothers me is how adults on Facebook have to comment on and like EVERYTHING.

So what annoys you on Facebook the most let me know in the comments below or you can tweet me at:



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2 Comments on “Why facebook is annoying.”

  1. Daniel Lloyd March 8, 2012 at 11:51 am #

    I hate the people who put up comments like; the awakward moment when..? Here is my comment for them: “The awkward moment when people with so much spare time find awkward moments in their life…!!”

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