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Who Doesn’t Love The Muppets?

The Muppets have returned the our screens at long last. After years of them being gone they have come back to us. The Muppets movie has been anticipated for so long that it had a lot to live up to. 

The film begins with a fantastic new addition to the Muppet family, Walter. Walter grew up with a human family and believed himself to be one but he never felt that he fit in, until he discovered The Muppets Show. He and his brother Gary spent a lot of their time watching The Muppets Show together and were huge fans but Walter was the true fanatic. Walter finally felt that he fit in somewhere when he watched the Muppets. He had everything The Muppets.

When Gary and his girlfriend Mary, are set to celebrate their 10th anniversary together, Gary plans a trip to Los Angeles. There is a tag a long for the trip as Gary invites Walter to go with them so that he can live out  dream of seeing The Muppets theatre. Mary is not thrilled that Walter will be going with them but is fine with it as long as she and Gary get to have a romantic anniversary dinner together. On their arrival to the theatre, the three-o are not pleased to see that the theatre is run down and not at all as they had imagined it. During the tour, Walter goes into Kermit the Frog’s office. When he hears voices he hides under a table. He hears Statler and Waldorf talking to Tex Richman, an driller, about selling the theatre to him and he will restore it to its former glory. Statler and Waldorf mention that if The Muppets can raise $10 million they can buy back the theatre.  When Richman and his henchmen are left alone, they reveal the true plan of buying the theatre and  tearing it down to dig for oil.

Walter goes and tells this to the others and they decide the only way to make that much money is to get The Muppets to do a show like the old days. They go looking for Kermit the Frog’s house. When they arrive and talk to Kermit they convince him to do the show. They set off on a journey to get the gang back together. After traveling so far and wide they manage to get everyone to agree to come back to save their theatre.

When they get to the theatre they see that it is completely a mess and will take a lot of team work to get it back to the way it was before. Of course the only way they can do that is by doing some singing to help them along. In no time at all they get the place looking spotless and back to the way it was in the glory days. 

After trying to get Richman to sell it back and refusing and finally finding a television company to air them, they continue with preparations for the show. The catch with the tv company is that they must have a celebrity to help host it. So as the muppets always think outside the box when no one agrees, they decide to kidnap Jack Black. Everyone gets back on the groove of doing their old routines and the show is under way.

Mary leaves after Gary forgets about their anniversary dinner to help Walter. Gary goes after her. While Walter feels the absence of his brother, Kermit tells Walter that he will be part of the show and so he must find a talent with just hours to go until they go live on air. Gary is forgiven by Mary and they finally have their dinner, but it is soon interrupted when Mary realises that Gary needs to go the show. With a small audience and small numbers appearing on the money board, the gang begin to feel disheartened. None the less, the show must go on and soon the entire theatre is packed with people and money is flying in. Gary makes it in time to help Walter realise that he can be a muppet. Just when they think that there is no hope of making enough money or finding another act to help finish the show, Walter is centre stage and whistling a song that brings everyone to utter silence. Richman sabotages the electrics so that the show will not be able to end and they will not be able to get the theatre back. He unfortunately succeeds but that does not bring down the spirits of the gang. When they walk outside with the their heads held high and knowing that people remembered and still loved them, they were greeted by a huge crowd applauding them, just like the old days. The Muppets were back!

This film was directed by James Bobin and made by Disney. It was written by Segal and Nicholas Stoller. The cast includes Jason Segal as Gary, Amy Adams as Mary and Chris Cooper as Richman. Without a doubt you cannot forget about the muppets themselves. I absolutely loved this film. It was so cheesy with the songs that were featured but that was what the movie is all about. Could not fault it in any way. It won’t be for everyone but that’s ok. You be the judge!




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