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Singers Turned Actors

We’ve all seen the disastrous results when some of our fave recording artists turn to acting, Madonna, Christina Auguilera, the list goes on, but some have managed to turn out some outstanding performances.

 Jamie Foxx:. He can sing, do stand up and  act. In 1994 he released his first album and in 1999 he starred in Any Given Sunday. Granted He has had some stinkers in his career, like Miami Vice, but he has also had some outstanding  performances, most notably Collateral, The Kingdom and Jarhead.

Justin Timberlake: . Who would have thought JT would go beyond his teen-heart throb days to become a serious actor. He gave a surprisingly good performance in The Social Network but he appeared in Alpha Dog which co-starred Bruce Willis long before that. So glad he didn’t end making bad rom coms or coming of age movies  like so many other young teeenyboppers. Take note Britney!

Alicia Keys. She had a small role in one episode of The Cosby show in 1985 but her inclusion in my top five is based off of one strong performance. She had a small role in Joe Carnaghans  action movie Smoking Aces playing a sexy kick ass assassin Georgia Sykes. It proves she is more than capable of taking on some bigger roles.

Will Smith became famous for his role in one of my favourite shows when i was a teenager, Fresh Prince of Belair. Since then he has gone on to become a  serious actor with films like Ali, Six Degrees of separation and Seven Pounds under his belt. He has left the music career behind him which I don’t think many would be too upset about. He has proved himself to be much more succesful as an actor than he ever was as a singer.


Definitely deserving of being up on this list. The first film that comes to mind is Mask, and quite rightly so, she was outstanding in that film but I loved her in the Witches Of Eastwick, a film that proved she stood up so well to her huge co-stars Jack Nicholson, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer. There’s really no arguing that she’s not a great actress. Also Moonstruck is another great movie and a great performance. This Diva never fails to deliver!



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