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No swearing, we’re British!

BBC bosses have had to make a public apoligy after comedien Dave Fulton swore on live breakfast TV. He was speaking about only fools and horses and suggested Del Boys catchphrase should have been “W*****”. Host sean Williams was left red faced and replied “ No, that is a swear word, apoligies to anyone who was offended”.

Fulton apoligised saying he did not realise the word was offencive in the UK. Apparently in the US people call each other W****** all the time and nobody seems to be offended by it. I just think it’s hiarious when this happens on live TV. Watch those presenters squirm and anyone who went to the trouble to complain to the BBC after needs to get a life!

Incidently I have witnessed this myself when the late Canadian Wrestler Test was on tour in Ireland  and he proceeded to tell the crowd “ you guys are all w****** anyway”. Way to get the crowd going!


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